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Simply Rewards Online Club:  Where I get to reward you for purchasing CTMH products from me!

Noreen's Chat

My favorite part of being a Close to My Heart consultant is giving away the "free products".

I can't wait for you to start earning yours!

Club Balance      Simply Rewards Online Club Reward
          $100                                                   $10
          $150                                                 +$15
          $200                                                +$15
          $250                                     +half-priced item
          $300                                                 +$10
          $350                                                 +$10
          $400                                                +$20
          $450                                     +half-priced item
          $500                                                 +$10
          $550                                                 +$10
          $600                                                +$20
          $650                                     +half-priced item
More than $650             Talk to me about joining my team

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WHAT CAN BE ORDERED WITH MY HOSTESS REWARDS?  Rewards can redeemed for any available Close to My Heart products!

WHEN I EARN A HALF-PRICE REWARD, WHAT PRODUCTS ARE ELIGIBLE? You can use your half-priced item on any available Close to My Heart products, nothing is excluded.

WHICH ORDERS COUNT TOWARDS MY SALES TOTALS? All online orders count toward your sales total, including Clearance Sales and While Supplies Last purchases. Your sales total is calculated on the retail subtotal of the products, it does not include tax, shipping, or handling. Remember, only orders placed through me on my website count towards your sales total.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I SPEND MORE THAN $150? You will continue to earn additional rewards at every $50 increment beyond the $150 purchased during your membership year!

CAN MY FRIENDS ORDER UNDER MY NAME? Sure, but you will need to coordinate to ensure the order is placed in your account, under your name and email address to get the appropriate credit, but it can ship to them.

WHAT IF MY FRIEND WANTS TO SIGN UP? For every friend you refer that signs up, you'll earn $10 on your club purchase balance, earning you rewards even quicker! (For example, if you're currently at $108 in sales, a friend referral will bump you to $118 in sales, getting you closer to the $150 reward level).  Make sure they put your name down as Referred By!

CAN I JUST GET REWARDS IF I HIT $150 WITHOUT JOINING SIMPLY REWARDS? Absolutely; however it won't be in conjunction with the Simply Rewards Online Club.  A traditional gathering order of $150 or more qualifies for hostess rewards. Contact me to place the order; currently our system does not have this capability for you to order directly and earn the hostess rewards but I can input the order and ensure the hostess rewards are received!

WHY DO I NEED TO REGISTER FOR SIMPLY REWARDS? Simply Rewards enables you to make purchases in any increment and have them accumulate for rewards; this requires tracking on my end, so I need the registration form to let me know to begin tracking your participation.

WHEN MUST I JOIN? You may join the Simply Rewards Online Club at any time; however, note that previous purchases will not apply. So join today and begin earning your rewards!

WHAT DO I HAVE TO KEEP TRACK OF? Nothing! I will keep track of everything and let you know when you have earned a reward. You can then redeem your rewards at any time.

The idea of the Simply Rewards Online Club is that you make up your own gathering so that you can earn FREE products from me!  With our traditional hostess rewards, you don’t begin earning rewards until a $150 gathering. With Simply Rewards, you can spread your purchases throughout the year, taking advantage of specials, discounts and other offers all year long…all earning hostess rewards for you! You get to decide how much and how often you spend over the course of your year to earn as much free product as you choose!

Ready to get started? Complete the registration form, then go Shop Online. It’s that simple!! The registration form lets me know you’d like me to track your purchases from this point forward to qualify for Simply Rewards!

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on the Simply Rewards Online Club, but if you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

HOW DO I JOIN? There are no fees, just fill out the registration form to join!

HOW DO I PLACE QUALIFYING ORDERS? Each time you're ready to order, visit my shopping website and place your order!

PURCHASES...HOW MUCH & HOW OFTEN? The only requirement is $150 in purchases within a 12 month window. You may choose to order all of it at once OR budget your purchases at monthly or bi-monthly intervals. Order as frequently as you'd like...your rewards will continue adding up!

WHAT REWARDS DO I GET? Rewards are scheduled at every $50 starting at $100. You may spend your rewards as soon as you earn them or choose to let it accumulate and redeem when you are ready.